Outstanding Technical Support

Albemarle’s excellent technical support is one of the best reasons to switch to ABZOL cleaners. Our applications chemists really dig in and learn about your business, then work closely with you to select the best cleaning process. We do beta site studies, and our chemists and engineers visit qualified facilities for cleaning process optimization and employee education.

Albemarle works with major producers of degreasing equipment to ensure that ABZOL cleaners function safely and efficiently in their systems. Materials compatibility, cleaning tests and technical assistance are available to our customers.

Outstanding Cleaning Performance, Economy and Safety

ABZOL cleaners are rapidly developing a reputation for effectiveness and cost-efficiency. Laboratory tests prove that ABZOL cleaners work as well or better on many types of soils than the chlorinated products you’ve probably relied on for years, and they offer better performance than you can expect from some of the best-known “alternative” solvents.

Best of all, ABZOL cleaners are more economical than many of these alternatives, and are safer to use with proper worker protection and adequate ventilation.

Manufacturer and Distributor Commitment to Product Stewardship

ABZOL cleaners are available from the industry’s leading distributors, many of whom also offer solvent recycling services. Every Albemarle plant is ISO-certified, and the Chemical Manufacturers Association codes of Responsible Care® guide Albemarle during every stage of production and distribution.

Take a look at the performance data on the following pages,and we think you’ll agree that ABZOL cleaners deserve careful consideration in your precision cleaning operation.